Frequently Asked Questions

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How do we enrol with Outreach Learning?

The first step is to contact us, book an appointment and come into our centre for a free consultation. Registrations take place on weekdays Monday to Friday from 17:00 to 18:30.

What role does Outreach Learning play in my child’s learning?

Outreach learning provides personalised study programmes for students. The study programmes are based on the national curriculum. Subject material is explained to students in a way in which they can understand it, remember it and apply it. We actively encourage self-learning, which is very useful for later on in life.

My child is gifted – Can they benefit from coming to Outreach Learning?

All of our material is personalised and is not age restricted. Gifted children can be prepared to take exams ahead of time.

What days is Outreach Learning open?

We are open every day. On weekdays we are open from 16:45 to 20:00. On weekends we are open from 09:00 to 14:30.

How long is each lesson?

All of our lessons are 90 minutes in duration. At Outreach Learning, we believe that this is the optimum time a student can focus for.

What is the ratio of tutors to students?

We have an average tutor student ratio of 1:4. One teacher to four students.

How much do lessons cost?

We have a clear and concise pricing structure and a three tier tariff, dependent upon how long you wish to commit for. The longer you commit, the more cost effective the lessons become. Prices vary according to the complexity of the subject taught. All fees are payable at the start of the month and will be charged pro-rata dependent upon in which point in the month you have enrolled. Terms and Conditions apply.

Do you offer one to one home tuition?

We can offer one to one home tuitions. Home tuition lessons are 90 minutes in duration and the cost varies dependent upon the complexity of the subject being taught. We generally carry out home tuitions within a six mile radius of our tuition centre; however can travel a little further, dependent upon demand.

Do you run a Summer School?

Yes, we run a five week summer programme. Enrolment takes place in the last week of July. The course starts in the first week of August. Summer programmes are usually for intensive learning for students who either want to catch up on the previous academic year, or want to prepare themselves for the academic year to come.

May we have a trial period?

Of course you may have a trial period. Download a voucher from our website, for £15 off your first lesson. You can then join us on a pay as you go basis, whereby you are not committed to any length of time. You simply pay each week and can leave anytime.

Do you follow the national curriculum?

All of our subject material is line with the national curriculum. Our management has over forty years of combined experience within the education sector and monitor the national curriculum to ensure that subject materials are always in line with the national curriculum.

Are all of your teachers experienced?

All of our teachers are CRB registered and are currently in teaching positions outside of Outreach Learning. We have a very rigorous vetting procedure and in our opinion only hire the best.

Do the students get homework?

Regular homework is an essential part of Outreach Learning and is given to all our students. We encourage parents to check student’s workbooks on a weekly basis and to ensure that they are doing the homework. Tuition alone is not good enough for children to learn. They need a minimum of three hours per week of self-study per subject.

What feedback will I get about my child’s progress?

We administer random tests. These are normally end of topic tests and are used to ascertain if students are actually learning or just abiding their time. Reports of these tests can be found in students workbooks.

What should students bring with them?

All students are responsible for their own stationary. This is inclusive of but not limited to; writing paper, a pen, a pencil, a ruler, a sharpener, an eraser and a scientific calculator.

What if my child is not well?

If your child is not well, please kindly inform us at least 24 hours prior to the start of the lesson and we can reschedule the lesson at no extra cost to yourself. If your child is not feeling well on the day, please notify us before the lesson and we will use our discretion as to rescheduling the lesson.

What if my child is feeling unwell during a lesson?

If your child starts to feel unwell during a lesson, we will call you and you can come and collect your child.

What if I am running late and cannot collect my child in time?

Outreach Learning is open until 20:00 on the weekdays and 14:30 on the weekends. We have a 30 minute waiting policy, so you have 30 minutes to reach us. After 30 minutes of waiting, if you are still fail to reach Outreach Learning, we will call youand arrange for the child to be dropped off to a destination of your choice in a local taxi. You will liable for any charges which are payable directly to the taxi driver.