About University


The first step is contact us and book an appointment to come into our centre for a free assessment. Registrations take place Monday to Friday from 17:00 to 18:30.


We have an informal conversation with you about your child’s ability, assess your child, and work out what your child’s needs are. If there is a time frame in which you would like your child to achieve a certain grade in any core subject we will make a recommendation of how many times a week they should attend Outreach learning. The same processes apply for older students, for example if you are studying A-Levels and wish to attend Outreach Learning then we can talk to you direct, if you do not want to bring a parent/guardian with you.


We explain our three tier tariff structure. There is no obligation to commit as we have a pay as you go tariff. However should you wish to enter into a commitment for one month, two months or three months, you will find that you save money in the long term. If you wish to commit, fees are paid monthly at the start of the month, or pro rata if you have joined half way through a month. Lesson prices are based on the complexity of the subject being taught.


You complete an enrolment form, read and sign a copy of our terms and conditions and essentially get £15 off your first lesson with a voucher that can be found on this website.


We confirm your availability and recommend a fixed weekday or weekend 90 minute lesson where you (if you are an A-Level Student) or your child can then become a part of Outreach Learning, an inspirational learning environment.


Regular homework will be given. Please ensure that you check your child’s workbook each week and help them with any homework if need be. Outreach learning staff will encourage self-learning, however this must be reinforced by the parent(s)/guardian(s) at home. There is no point in your child attending Outreach Learning if no homework is done. For every 90 minute lesson your child studies with us we recommend at least three hours of self-study.


Random tests will be carried out. This keeps children focussed, knowing that they could be tested at any time. The aim of the random test is to encourage self-learning, which in turn prepares the child for University and Professional life. Reports of the test will be given to their parent(s)/guardian(s). If your child is consistently not passing the random tests, we will provide them with additional subject material, which the child will have to complete with the help of an adult at home. If this is not possible due to time constraints then we may recommend one to one home tuition.


Wait for the academic year to end, and upon receiving the results of any tests/exams that were taken, celebrate your child’s success.


If you or your child has successfully passed their exams and have enjoyed their experience at Outreach Learning, then recommend us to your friends, family and neighbours.Maybe even join our summer programme.